Just Deliver The Message (Paperback)

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Paul was just an everyday, unassuming, ordinary man chosen to deliver life-changing messages to strangers. Could he have been mistaken for someone else and chosen incorrectly? Who was he to be given such a task? He was just barely a believer himself, with his own persona demons to battle.
Thousands of believers discarded their personal belongings and assembled in an open field in Kentucky. By their faith alone, some followed a man unknown to them across America's heartland to find their destiny.
Dark forces, determined to undermine the ultimate plan, battled the faithful at every turn. Spiritual warfare was something not to be played with, and it was hard to accept by even the most self-acclaimed believers. Minions of the darkness assured them of their reality.
Would church leaders withstand the test of Paul's message or risk losing their salvation? Did Paul's messages save lives or result in eternal damnation?

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ISBN: 9798893305258
Publisher: Arpress
Publication Date: January 26th, 2024
Pages: 226
Language: English