Guinea Pig Care Book: A Definitive Guide (Paperback)

Guinea Pig Care Book: A Definitive Guide By Saurav A Cover Image
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The book "Guinea Pig Care 101" is written by keeping the practical aspect of caring for our guinea pigs in mind. We have owned guinea pigs for several years now and we understand how hard it can be for a new owner to get it right

  • We never knew if the cage we are keeping them in is of right size or not?
  • Can I use cat litter or aspen bedding? We were unsure
  • What would be the ideal diet? We used to think hay & pellets are all they need
  • What are the common health problems and how can we deal with them? We really had no idea.

But with years of learning and gathering experience we have come to this point where we feel whatever we have learned should be shared with other owners out there.

Thus, we have created this wonderful guide where we have covered all the practical aspects of owning a guinea pig and keeping them safe and healthy.

We have tried to cut out all the crap and have kept only the best information for you I bet you will learn a lot and be a good Guinea pig Mommy/Daddy

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ISBN: 9798675237807
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 14th, 2020
Pages: 206
Language: English