Goats. Raising Goats. Keeping Goats Owners Manual. (Paperback)

Goats. Raising Goats. Keeping Goats Owners Manual. By Ludwig Lorrick Cover Image
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raising goats

Goats. Raising Goats. Keeping Goats Owners Manual.

Goats have been domesticated for thousands of years. Goats are really gentle and quite cute They make wonderful pets and can be really rewarding farm animals, too. Children usually love goats. Some goats are reared for milk and/or meat whilst others keep goats for fibre and fabric production. You may want to utilise these products for your family or even convert this hobby into a commercial venture. Some people keep goats simply as pets.Whatever your reasons for rearing goats are, it is important to understand when you are bringing home a pet goat that this animal needs special care and attention. If you are planning to bring a goat home, you must invest a lot of time doing your homework and research about this animal to make sure that you can take on this responsibility before you make a commitment. This book covers all the subjects including which goats are best as pets, choosing your goats, how to take care of goats, how to feed them and how to ensure that they are always healthy. It is perfect for a first time goat owner. Topics covered in this book: - History- Raising goats for dairy- Raising goats for meat- Raising goats for fibre and fabric- Raising goats for fun- Best goats as pets- Making a home for goats- Housing- Goat care- Interacting- Transport- Health.... and much more.

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