Milliped Zoology: Husbandry and Diversity of the Class Diplopoda (Hardcover)

Milliped Zoology: Husbandry and Diversity of the Class Diplopoda By Orin A. McMonigle Cover Image
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The foundation of Orin McMonigle's expansive guide to the practical husbandry and reproduction of milliped species from around the world rests on decades of hands-on research. Milliped Zoology directs both enthusiastic amateur naturalist and professional laboratory animal caretaker to those species which are best suited to thrive in and populate a captive environment. Building on the 2012 Millipedes in Captivity, this updated volume includes numerous species that have engendered captive interest since that time. Successful reproductive efforts for previously scarce species are also recorded.

Millipeds are fascinating subjects for educational study, and with proper care and attentiveness to basic requirements may offer years of enjoyment. Different shapes, colors, and behaviors contribute to the appeal of these understated creatures. Such attention given to small creatures like millipeds enriches our regard for the natural world at large.

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ISBN: 9781616465506
ISBN-10: 1616465506
Publisher: Coachwhip Publications
Publication Date: May 16th, 2023
Pages: 234
Language: English